XMLKit is a bundle of useful XML conversion and validation programs using batch files to simplify their deployment and use. Available programs include:

Validate XML against RelaxNG and RelaxNG Compact schema
The Sun Multi-Schema XML Validator allows validation of XML documents
in RELAX NG, TREX, XML DTDs, and a subset of W3C XML Schema
Validates RELAX NG with embedded Schematron support

Clamshell - an OpenID server

Clamshell software now has a new home at Dropforge! Please visit there for latest news and software updates.

Clamshell is an OpenID server implementation I have developed as part of ongoing work at building my own wiki software.

It's very simple and is really just a re-modularization and extension of the phpMyID single-user OpenID software.

VS card browser

A neat little AJAX-style application for browsing cards and creating decks for the UDE collectible card games "Marvel" and "DC", collectively known as Vs:


What is Askari?

Askari is a custom version of the Mozilla Rhino Javascript Engine optimized for use in standalone applications and servlets. It is easily extensible either with Java libraries (SWT is bundled) or by adding to the included JavaScript library framework.

I have just released the very first public release version of the Askari system (0.1.2). It is very usable due to the maturity of the components used to assemble the system but far more still needs to be done.

Visit the Sourceforge Project site for more details.

DWARF (not even Alpha yet)

DWARF is the Distributed Web-Based Application for RPG Fun.

It's strictly proof of concept at the moment, but already allows users to set up custom maps for others to view within a dynamic, JS-based chat environment.

Click here to access the demo.

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