Google Forms

As everyone knows, Google develops or buys lots of different types of applications.

Even after a successful product is launched, Google is always tweaking and adding new features. Sometimes these features flop. But sometimes, a new idea which is so simple comes along that you wonder why everyone hasn't done it.

Web-based office suites get mixed reviews, let's face it. But Google, to its credit, is facing up to the challenge of creating a product that really takes advantage of being online. For example, you can now create a survey which saves its results to a Google Spreadsheet in literally 5 minutes.

Try this:

  1. Log in to Google Docs.
  2. Click New > Spreadsheet
  3. Save this spreadsheet - e.g. "Test Form".
  4. Click the Share tab and choose "to fill out a form".
  5. Use the nifty AJAX interface to type your questions and choose response type (text, radio button, checkbox).
  6. Choose a list of people to email the form to, or simply click "Go to live form" and copy and paste the URL to use anywhere -- for example, here's one I prepared earlier.

All in all, an awesome way to leverage the power of the web with an easy access analysis afterwards. Kudos, Google!