ePub: an option for simultaneous content development?

One of the problems with developing high-fidelity printed content (e.g. in PDF) is that it is not very accessible, despite all the improvements in PDF accessibility.

In fact, it is an Australian Government requirement that websites should never use PDF as the sole means of communicating important information -- for example, a fact sheet.

But if the printed fact sheet is still needed, are there any alternatives to developing the content twice: once in Adobe InDesign, and once for the web?

Well, in fact there may be. The ePub format may provide some light at the end of the tunnel, with InDesign CS3 and CS4 now providing an "Export as ePub" option. Although the ePub format is targeting portable readers such as the Amazon Kindle, it's real value may be in the fact that it is actually just a Zipped XHTML website. With smart design, the barriers to convert InDesign to an accessible format may be far lower than people think.