Powershell and SharePoint

Unfortunately, I don't know who to thank for this ripper tip about SharePoint:

Any installation of WSS 3.0 or MOSS 2007 is no complete with PowerShell. Why? Because it makes situations like this so easy.

Save the following as SharePoint.ps1:

Version=, Culture=neutral, 

function Get-Site($absoluteUrl) {
 return new-object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite $absoluteUrl;

function Rename-Field($site, $oldTitle, $newTitle) {
 $field = $site.RootWeb.Fields[$oldTitle];
 $field.Title = $newTitle;

Now the rename function is availble on request:

1> .\SharePoint.ps1
2> $site = Get-Site http://localhost/PlaySite
3> Rename-Field $site "FIO" "Title"

When it comes to SharePoint administration, PowerShell is your new best friend - no compiled code, no deployment issues and you can sign all scripts for use on production servers.

Amen to that!