Here we go again

My current organization is rolling out SharePoint 2010, and wants to use it as a platform for business productivity applications.

I think this is great, but it means that I have to delve back into the hell that is SharePoint Designer again.

I don't know quite why Designer puts my teeth on edge. I think it's that it promises so much, and then drags you away from your goal kicking and screaming. It's the random ways in which the "standards-compliant XSLT engine" will be brought to its knees by some internal Microsoft rendering quirk. It's the way that it crashes more often than a 6 year old learning to ride a bike by riding down a steep hill.

But there's no doubt that an application designed through the SharePoint web interface and Designer alone should be far more maintainable than something developed and deployed using fully custom .NET code.

I just have to get back into a SharePoint Zen frame of mind for 2010, ie don't fight it, but embrace it. Care to join me as I document the weird and wonderful quirks of a new version of SharePoint?