Second bird

(Posted as a comment on All Men Are Liars)

"He's checkin' you out," Shazza spat under her breath. "Nah, don't look now, he's lookin' but he's lookin'". Nyomi jiggled her straw in her drink nervously. "But whaddya think he's gonna want?" "Dunno, same as last time?

Shazza pushed one of her straw platform shoes on and off her foot as she stared down thoughtfully. "Sit here long enough, they're all askin' for the same."

"Let's dance" Nyomi yelled over her shoulder as she buttonholed a footy head in a footy pastel shirt who did the mock bump and grind to his mate's approval while Shazza did the mock spew to her mate's tipsy dry hump. "Can you get on?' she queried to a nuthin nobody who had propped himself beside her, and missed his response as the alcohol clouded her cirhottic, coke scarred mind.

As Shaz drunkenly and morosely traced the path to the girl's toilets, she was almost knocked for six by footy blue shirt and Nyomi in a tight scrum that was bowling toward the door. As they knocked it open they caught the eye of the incumbent gorilla in black, number 24. Shaz turned to blearily survey the scene, her eye catching the eyes of three scozza blokes in metal t's and black fabbers, one of which had been the nobody nuthin. "Just lookin'" she muttered to herself and fell backwards into the dunnies.

Was hot in there by suburban standards. Pastel Blue and Nys were dry workin' it by the hand dryer and Shaz had enough time to see a blur of burly black take a fistful of pastel blue and start draggin' doorways. It spilled out into the dark, manky poolroom and blood was shed by the light of the fridge. The black shirt quotient expanded quadruplicate, footy boy was going down.

Shaz red eyed the scene momentarily, then her attention shifted as she registered the presence of the nobody nuthin trio of metal boys. "Know where I can get on? she mumbled as she found a triangle folded, a fifty, at the bottom of her buckle bag. "And don't yez try to go the crack, either. I'm no mans land. I'm a lezzo. So yez can all get......."