The bouncer

(Posted as a comment on All Men Are Liars)

"Hungry!" muttered Number 24 as he scowled at the room, looking for trouble. He felt especially twitchy tonight; the new stuff he'd shot up at the gym was good, but it made him him agitated, and he was worried about these zits that were popping up all over his body. He was definitely going to root that chick behind the bar soon, but the spots were not a good look.

The DJ put on a new song. F**king house sh*t again! Why couldn't he put on some Chisel or Oils instead of this poofy sh*t? It was a pool bar for f**k's sake! Then he saw them. Some dickhead in a poofy blue shirt and that fat sheila who had told him to f**ck off last week were sneaking off to the dunnies. "That'll do" he thought.

He brushed past those three smartarses who'd come in earlier, and who were definitely going to cop it later if they didn't watch out. Lippy little sh*ts. He gave them a hard stare then followed his prey to the toilets.

Jesus the things these people did in there! The fat bird was on her knees in front of Bluey, while some skinny slut was eyeing off the powder on top of the hand dryer. F**k that! He kicked fatty in the arse and she squealed like a pig and ran out the door, her friend right behind her. Too late he realised that he had forgotten about Bluey.

Number 24 grunted as the guy landed a punch on his shoulder. Piss weak. He grabbed a couple of fists of powder blue and threw the guy across the room and through the door. He planted one knee on the guys chest and started belting him. Yeah, that felt good. He felt the power behind each punch, and not for the first time thought that in spite of the side effects, that horse shit he was shooting was good stuff.

He looked up and saw Bluey's mates heading over to join in, but 17, 8 and 3 were right behind, so he wasn't too worried about them. After a while he felt a familiar ache in his hand and stopped. Even though the guy was soft as, he still had to watch out that he didn't go nuts on him. Ah well, some codeine would take care of that.

"Hungry!" muttered Number 24 as he scowled at the room.