The Observer

(Posted as a comment on All Men Are Liars)

She'd come with friends, she always came with friends, and they always ended up leaving her on her own. Unintentional of course, they honestly thought she meant it when she said she was happy playing the pinnies on her own, that they should go and dance. It's not that she couldn't dance, but her size inhibited her, she was afraid of being laughed at. The looks and comments she got while she was standing to the side were bad enough.

She watched from her post at the goings-on around her. There were the three guys over near the bar, she knew their type. They were the kind of guys that tricked themselves into believing that they were "cool", that they could have any girl they wanted, but they were in reality, complete tools. Still, if they paid her an ounce of interest, real interest that is, not the "I'd do her coz some has to" interest, she'd enjoy it. She'd love to be able to turn someone down, but as it was she wasn't getting any offers in the first place.

To her left were the two girls, stupidity written across their faces. They'd still get the offers though, the looks. She just got the laughter. She watched closely as one of the girls approached the group of guys that were playing pool. Those guys were good-looking enough, probably completely up themselves, still she wouldn't say no. They paid attention to the stupid girls, the one in the blue shirt looked keen enough and headed towards the bathroom, willing girl in tow.

She returned her attention back to the pinball machine in front of her, if she didn't pay attention to those around her there was less chance of them noticing her. And if there was less chance of them noticing her there was less chance of her having to deal with whatever nasty things they had to say. She wasn't quite out of earshot though. "Because someone's gotta root it." One of the tools at the bar. She blinked hard a few times and turned her head so that they couldn't see their face. She didn't need to hear the sentence in context, she knew that 'it' was her.

Adjusting her position on the pinny she looked to her right again, to the tools at the bar, and watched in amusement as the security guard brushed past them roughly. He was headed straight for the bathroom, entered and came out two seconds later with the guy in the blue shirt attached to him. Security guy had him pinned and beaten pretty quickly and the scene was over before it really began.