The roid boys

(Posted as a comment on All Men Are Liars)

There was me, Joey, Vinny and Anon.

We were just hanging out, playing pool and cruising for snatch. Our style of cruising is just to hang out & play pool. S***s come up to us every time.

Joey was holding the stash.

Anyway, these two stupid westies came up and asked us for coke. We laughed. What moron actually askes for "coke"?

The bouncers had been giving us the dirty look earlier. So we kept an eye on them while Vinny went into the dunnies with one of the girls.

F*** they were ugly, but Vinny had said that he's give the first girl a free taste for something in return.

"A blow for a blow", Anon had said. He reads books and stuff and is always coming up with funny stuff like that.

F*** how we laughed.

But then we realised who one of the bouncers was. He really hates Vinny.

You see, Vinny did his sister last year. The stupid bitch would do anything for a line. She and her friend would do double shows for a $100 of gear. Stupid f***en sluts.

This bouncer followed Vinny in to the shitter.

"Can't let him get caught with his pants down," said Anon. He thought that was pretty funny, but we didn't have time to laugh.

It was a setup. The goons came from everywhere. We got caught up while the dickhead bouncer got Vinny on the ground.

Things got pretty bad. They took the stash. Although I thought I saw Anon with it at some point.

Vinny's out of hospital now. Things got pretty bad.