Blogger beware!

From Crooked Timber, a wonderful caution from sbk about the tendency to overexaggerate one's own importance online:

Be careful, as you (all) argue, not to confuse the urgency of your real concerns about people’s moral reasoning with the urgency of your real concerns about other people’s violent acts. They are not necessarily the same thing. Have any of you ever talked to anyone with real power over the pressing issues of our day? Would you speak to him or her in the same tone of voice you use for “[insert right/left political epithet] idiots” online? Why or why not? And do you at least see the difference between talking to powerful people and talking to powerless people? Why do the idiots online get the bulk of the intensity and the scorn? If this were a real argument, it probably wouldn’t be an argument. You can’t go off half-cocked when you’ve got live bullets.