Google feeds from anywhere, without a Google Account

Google Reader gets better and better by the day. One of its newer features is the ability to create a "clip" of any shared RSS feed and embed it into your web site.

The problem is that you have to use your Google Account to subscribe to the account, tag it, and then share that tag. This is a problem is you are wanting to monitor frequently-modified RSS feeds that aren't strictly "news" -- eg. module updates, weather forecasts, and so on.

Well, it's not official, but by tinkering with the JavaScript code a little, you can build a set of Google scripts that will convert any RSS feed into a nice little package. For example, this displays the latest forecast for Canberra, Australia:

(Courtesy of

The URL format is pretty straightforward to decipher. Use the Google Reader interface if you want to experiment with more options.

UPDATE: Here's the Google wizard for the clip creator. You will need a Google Account to access the page, though.