Getting started with Bazaar Version Control

Bazaar VCS is a really useful way of keeping and updating snapshots of any project.

While it's designed primarily for programming development, there's no real reason why it can't be applied as version control for any project -- say a collection of Word files.

The chief advantage of Bazaar is that while it can easily be scaled up to use with a whole team of people, it's lightweight enough to be used by a single person. More in the main article...

Here's the basics on getting started:

  1. Download and install the latest version from the Bazaar VCS web site.
  2. Navigate to your project folder in Explorer -> right-click -> Bzr Here (not strictly necessary, but it gives you all the basic commands to get started)
  3. For initial set up of the repository:
    bzr init (sets up the .bzr folder)
    bzr add * (marks all files in the folder as versioned)
    bzr status (confirm pending changes)
    bzr commit (commit initial version)
  4. Then, leave your command window open and just perform any edits you like in your favouriter editor. Type bzr commit periodically to write new versions.
  5. The main other useful commands are:
    bzr mv oldFile1 newFile2 (rename a file, keeping track of the change in bzr)
    bzr remove file1 (remove a file from version control -- will show up as "unknown")
    bzr ignore pathOrFile (confirm pending changes)
    bzr revert -r ver file1 file2 (revert listed files to version ver)