Kludge Index

I've been chatting with Bob Lewis about the nature of kludges, and he suggests a kludge index. I began thinking about how you might score such an index...

10 rules for using REST and XML for web application

This just seems like common sense to me. But I see people building applications that break pretty much all of these rules all too often. Whatever happened to be liberal in what you accept?

Google Calendar

The best thing about Google Calendar has to be it's "Quick Add" feature. Can't be bothered clicking drop-down menus? Then just click Quick Add and type.

You don't realise how good this is until you work out that:

7:30-9pm Meeting with Rosa tomorrow

works just as well as:

1600-1700 Flight to Bangkok 28 June 2006

I kept checking because I didn't believe the parser would be that accurate, but Google has nailed it every time. Very impressed!

The Five Styles of Leadership

An insightful and practical guide to decision making from the always-worth-a-read pages of Bob Lewis:

There are five basic decision styles: Authoritarian, consultative, consensus, delegation, and democracy (voting). Democracy is awful for everything except when peers have to decide something and can't come to agreement - ignore it in all other circumstances. When you delegate a decision, the delegatee has to choose one of the five decision styles, so it's recursive. Ignore it too (for the purposes of this discussion - delegation is one of the most important skills a manager can master).

Supporting tables in web design

After struggling for hours on end to get nice columnar layouts using only DIVs and CSS, I have a lot of sympathy for this point of view [http://www.netregistry.com.au/news/articles/79/2/Tables---you-can-still-use-them-in-web-design] (link removed as per Netregistry request):

Blogger beware!

From Crooked Timber, a wonderful caution from sbk about the tendency to overexaggerate one's own importance online:

Be careful, as you (all) argue, not to confuse the urgency of your real concerns about people’s moral reasoning with the urgency of your real concerns about other people’s violent acts. They are not necessarily the same thing. Have any of you ever talked to anyone with real power over the pressing issues of our day? Would you speak to him or her in the same tone of voice you use for “[insert right/left political epithet] idiots” online? Why or why not? And do you at least see the difference between talking to powerful people and talking to powerless people? Why do the idiots online get the bulk of the intensity and the scorn? If this were a real argument, it probably wouldn’t be an argument. You can’t go off half-cocked when you’ve got live bullets.

Problems with MySQL conditional statements

(from http://www.mysqlfront.de/forum/viewtopic.php?p=11079

I've been tearing my hair out trying to work out why a MySQL dump won't import to my web host using phpMyAdmin. Error was:


SQL query:

-- Host: localhost Database: mydb
-- ------------------------------------------------------
-- Server version 4.1.12a-nt

MySQL said: Documentation
#1065 - Query was empty

I didn't really understand what these statements meant, but now I know that they refer to "conditional" SQL statement, only to be executed if the MySQL database version is equal or greater to that specified. In this case, /*40101 refers to version 4.1.1.

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