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This is old, but read this article. Now.

(a) Microsoft plays hard ball.
(b) They really don't understand people very well.

SharePoint: Bugs, Gripes and Weird S**t

This document will be irregularly updated as I find strange errors with SharePoint.

Fix IE crashing when attempting to open SharePoint documents
Note that this works the other way as well, ie. you can re-register the OFFICE11 DLL if you prefer.

User Access Control in Vista: why it doesn't suck

This Ars Technica article about User Access Control in Vista is very interesting:

[Microsoft] does not view UAC as a "security boundary" ... UAC encourages developers (including black hats) to try and accomplish more without elevating permissions. Why? Because the goal should be to avoid tripping UAC except for operations that truly need elevated privileges.

This is why even users with Administrator permissions get prompted for UAC. An MSDN article explains why:

The BestOf Series

After a long time working in the IT industry, you quickly build a list of programs that get the job done without muss or fuss.

Since these programs are not used for core work, but for quick one-off solutions, they are mostly free. But they have proven invaluable over the years.


(Want more? Try the Pricelessware list.)

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