Finding scarcity in the digital economy

I keep losing my references to all these great articles about how the world has changed as a result of the Internet and the rise of digital distribution.

This is a link dump so I don't forget the two best ones (yet) again:
Clay Shirky - Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable
The Grand Unified Theory on the Economics of Free

Best comments page for a news item: Eunoia

As anyone who has been around the traps on the Internet knows, comments pages are brutal; as often as not home just to devastating insults rather than insight.

But Eunoia is a new book by Christian Bok in which each chapter only uses one vowel.

I find it amusing that even those in this BBC article who think the book is a bit of a w*nk can't help but be alliterative in their commentary.

Choosing a career

To choose a career, use the "three circles" approach.

The three circles are:

  1. what you enjoy doing;
  2. what you're good at doing; and
  3. what someone is willing to pay you to do.

Your career is where the three circles intersect.

(Thanks Bob!)

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